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Placebo’s Brian Molko slams ‘cardboard cut-outs’ Kings Of Leon - 2017

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'Some bands walk on and they phone it in'


AUG 22, 2017 10:48 AM EDT

Placebo frontman Brian Molko has slammed Kings Of Leon for the way that they perform on stage, accusing them of being like ‘cardboard cut-0uts’.

Molko was speaking to The Music in Australia when he opened up about their energy as a live band – hitting out at Kings Of Leon for ‘phoning it in’.

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“Some bands walk on and they phone it in and just get it done – have you ever seen the fucking Kings Of Leon?” said Molko. “Jesus, you might as well be watching cardboard cut-outs on a stage and play the record.”

Sources: Nme.com / original interview

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Complacency Is Forbidden In Placebo World - Interview with Brian Molko 2017

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Aug 22nd 2017 | Steve BellMore Sharing Services / Sources and credits The Music.com/au

After 20 years at the musical coalface with UK veterans Placebo, frontman Brian Molko tells Steve Bell how connecting with the legions of outcasts who constitute their fanbase is what keeps the fires burning.

For nearly 12 months now revered UK alterna-rockers Placebo have been undertaking an exercise in both nostalgia and community to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of their eponymous debut album, which first hit the shelves back in mid-1996.

Titled simply the 20 Years Of Placebo tour, the celebration finds the band delving deep into their extensive seven-album back catalogue to dust off some fan favourites that had been essentially retired from the live realm, and now after nearly a year of criss-crossing the globe it's finally reaching Australia to let local fans join the festivities.

"It's been going since last October, and it's going to take us until at least until the end of this October, and then we're going to start discussing what our plans are going to be for 2018," offers Placebo founder and frontman Brian Molko. "It's been a roaring success - we've exhumed a bunch of songs from the graveyard that we swore we'd never play again, and it's all going down a storm with the crowd.

"On an artistic level it's been an extremely successful venture, in terms of communion with our audience: some of them, the teens and the 20s, have never heard us play songs like Nancy Boy and Pure Morning live at all, and the older fans haven't heard those songs in ten years. The whole thing is a celebratory experience."

Although on a personal level Molko himself doesn't seem completely ecstatic about reviving these early hits. "It's been educational," he laughs. "I suppose that I've come to terms with the songs that I'd buried - that I didn't want to sing anymore - and I've come to appreciate their spontaneity and their naivety, rather than just dismissing them as sophomoric."

Molko explains that he and co-founding bassist Stefan Olsdal usually prefer to keep the Placebo live show fresh and exciting because they're fully invested in the experience. "I don't have confidence in a great deal of things in my life, but I have an unfaltering confidence in the ability of Placebo to put on an amazing live rock'n'roll show, because we give a shit!" he enthuses. "That's the whole point, we really fucking give a shit, and every fucking time we step onto that stage we're giving 100% of what we can give at that given time.

"Some bands walk on and they phone it in and just get it done - have you ever seen the fucking Kings Of Leon? Jesus, you might as well be watching cardboard cut-outs on a stage and play the record - but we're up there and we give a shit, and this connection with the audience feeds our soul, so we're always putting everything we have into the live show. No complacency - complacency is forbidden in Placebo world."

And while Molko prefers looking forwards rather than backwards, the anniversary tour has allowed him to take stock of his two decades in the band. "I feel extremely privileged because it's an amazing position to be in," he marvels. "I'd say that I feel extremely fortunate and very, very grateful. Because this is all I know how to do! I've never had a job, this is all I've done my entire adult life. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if it all collapsed tomorrow - what the fuck would I do? I can't drive so I can't drive a cab, I refuse to tend bar, my computer skills are shit - I'm unemployable. This is all I got, so I put all of me into it.

"It wasn't our modus operandi at the beginning but we realised very quickly that our music made people happy, even though it can be very dark at times. And a whole community of outcasts has formed around the band, which we never expected to happen - we never set out to do that. We set out to express ourselves artistically and to try and make a living - just to pay the rent and be able to buy food was all we wanted - we didn't even set out to achieve global success, we just didn't want to get a job in an office because that was terrifying!

"But we realised really soon that we made a lot of people happy just through a lot of the tortured feelings that are in the songs, and there's a global community now of misshapes, of square pegs in round holes, of outcasts, of people who feel like they don't really belong to the herd. Which is exactly what myself and Stefan felt like when we were growing up, so there's the connection."

Read the interview on the page of The Music . com / aus

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The band and the audience were in an amazing mood - Zeltfestival Ruhr , Bochum, Germany 18/08/2017 @Placebo

Concert review Zeltfestival Ruhr , Bochum, Germany 18/08/2017 @Placebo

By Mona - Placebo Anyway Team Member

Photo Credit - Angela Chan IG ( Placebo member )

It was an unforgettable evening after a long waiting outside to be in the front row. 
Unfortunately the weather was not so well all the time. 
But I met wonderful Soulmates during the queuing. 
The band and the audience were in an amazing mood. And there were funny moments. 
Jesus' Son sounded a bit strange and Brian had to stop to check the guitar. But it was not the instrument's mistake...

Photo: Mona 

We got a cute "Entschuldigung" in German. During Song To Say Goodbye, Brian went dreamingly away from the mic and had to sprint back for the "my oh my". 
His face in this moment was great! 
He also forgot to make the little "Welcome to our birthday party"- speech. 
He startet For What it's Worth and made during the song a gesture towards his band mates. 

Photo: Mona 

The speech came two songs later. He gave special greetings to some Soulmates in the front. 

When Stef was playing his wonderful rainbow bass, a girl next to me waved a rainbow flag. All in all it was a great gig and I hope it wasn't my last one.

Photo: Mona 

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Photo Credit - @placeboworld

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Placebo Chat with Stefan Olsdal 2017

Placebo Chat Marriage Equality, David Bowie’s Death & Their Aussie Setlist Plans

Photo Credit - Renate Thomsen Facebook

Written by Riley Fitzgerald on August 17, 2017
Direct and heavy, Placebo have always stood aside from their Britpop and indie counterparts. Twisted in vulnerability and self-deprecation, they refined a glam-rock inspired sound laden with guitar-heavy melodrama. The group have never towed the line, and more than 20 years since their self-titled debut album, it’s still difficult to resist the anthemic alienation of ‘Nancy Boy’.
Placebo’s adventurous follow-ups saw them take on the world, and win with considerable success. Throughout the intervening years with feuds and personnel changes, co-founders Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal have remained the group’s constant forces. Both have also made an impact as openly queer musicians and outspoken advocates of LGBTIQ rights.
Music Feeds caught up with Olsdal ahead of Placebo’s highly anticipated return to Australia. Surprisingly clued-in to the nation’s current push for marriage equality, he’s also all too aware that the group’s upcoming tour will be passing through Melbourne’s Margaret Court Arena.
When it comes to Placebo’s upcoming Aussie tour — a celebration of all things Placebo, 20 years in the making — Olsdal can do little to contain his excitement. While this one is very much for the fans, looking further into the group’s future he feels a sense of freedom. What comes next will most likely, in his own words, be “throwing the rulebook out the window”.
Read our full chat, here
Sources and credits: http://musicfeeds.com.au/

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Interview with Eddy Temple Morris. A friend of Brian Molko by Anastashia Loginova 2nd part

Photo: Eddy Temple Morris SND

Interview with Eddy Temple Morris friend of Brian Molko by Anastashia Loginova


The first part can be read by reference
- http://placebostory.ru/eddy_temple-morris

Eddy Temple-Morris, a friend of Brian Molko and Placebo, took part in the project and told us about his first meeting with the band, how he played after Placebo concert at Wembley, a recording of a song for the Losers with Brian Molko and etc. It is the second part of the interview

The first part is available on the website http://placebostory.ru/eddy_temple-morris and here on the page 

Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/mouseinrocknroll/posts/1997969327101910

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Interview with Eddy Temple Morris. A friend of Brian Molko by Anastashia Loginova 1nd part

Photo: Eddy Temple Morris SND

The most special one by the long way was the 20 anniversary gig last year at Wembley stadium. I think that when Placebo started, they were so exciting at that time and there was a real chemistry that was going on between those sweet guys. And I think that…

They got Steve and then things over time deteriorated. I think the chemistry between them all deteriorated, between them and Steve. Basically when they got the new drummer that was a muscular one, a heavy-metal drummer, I feel, from my point of view: Placebo lost their way, I think, musically at that moment. Because I saw he's a lovely guy and a really good drummer but I feel like he was the wrong drummer for them. And there was too much muscularity going on behind the kit. Placebo is not a heavy-metal band. They have influences' from punk and indie, David Bowie, T. Rex, all that really stuff. I feel they came across a bit like a metal band. I saw the gig they did, it was an iTunes gig. I was there and I thought 'No, this is not a Placebo I know.

Interview with Eddz Temple-Morris about Placebo by Anastasiya Loginova

Eddy Temple-Morris, a friend of Brian Molko and Placebo, took part in the project and told us about his first meeting with the band, how he played after Placebo concert at Wembley, a recording of a song for the Losers with Brian Molko and etc. It is the first part of the interview. Eddy, thank you very much for finding the time for this conversation!

Interview with Eddy Temple-Morris is available on the website

Go to the second part of the interview

PLACEBO : ALT.RUSSIA was awarded 'Best International Documentary'

We have the pleasure of announcing that PLACEBO : ALT.RUSSIA was awarded 'Best International Documentary' at The Melbourne Documentary Film Festival

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China banned Placebo from the Summer Sonic Festival 2017

News about the Summer Sonic Festival in Shanghai.

China banned Placebo from this festival, according to Brian Molko´s words because of a picture the band posted on Instagram.

What do you think about it?

placebohugefan Instagram

Statement of Placebo about the situation

About the cancelled concert in Shanghai at the Summer Sonic Festival.

Post on Instagram Placeboworld: "Placebo are very sorry to announce that they are no longer able to perform at the Summer Sonic Festival in Shanghai in September.

A picture of the Dalai Lama with a quote was posted on the band's instagram account which has very sadly resulted in a lifetime ban by the Ministry of Culture in China. We apologise to all the fans who were hoping to see Placebo perform at this event and in China."

Photo credits: ClaudePiscitelli for Wort.lu, tumsenahopayga.com, timeoutshanghai.com