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Nancy Boy - Placebo - Placebo20 - 20/01/97

- Nancy Boy Anniversary - 20/01/97

The song "Nancy Boy"  by our favourite band Placebo was released on 20 January 1997, as the fourth single from their debut album self-titled album, released on Hut Records.

 As with their first single "Come Home", the single edit is a re-recorded version, noticeably different from the album version.
"Nancy Boy" differs from previous songs' themes about drugs, sex, gender confusion and bisexuality.
"Nancy Boy" became their breakthrough single, peaking at number four in the UK Singles Chart a month after the singles release.
While Placebo originally charted at number forty upon its release, after the release of "Nancy Boy" the album re-entered the UK Albums Chart at number five in February, staying on chart for thirteen weeks.

About the lyrics:

"Nancy Boy" revolves around the themes of drugs, sex and bisexuality.
In 1997, Brian Molko reportedly said, "Sonically, we tried to capture a kind of drug-induced sexual rush".
The line "Eyeholes in a paper bag/greatest lay I ever had" is saying that the character in the song is ugly, but is trying to reach some sort of beauty, as Brian said "I guess it’s saying you can be ugly and be an amazing lay; it doesn’t really matter." The song also criticizes people who think it's "fashionable to be gay", meaning people who think it's cool because there is other people who they know who are gay.
Brian Molko noted that "In the song, I’m questioning people’s reasons for sleeping with people of the same sex. In the same way that heroin is very hip today, being bisexual seems to be very chic."

"Nancy Boy" was released in the UK on 20 January 1997 through Hut/Elevator Music, from their debut album Placebo.
 The single became an unexpected success, going straight to number four in the UK Singles Chart upon its release.
The band were booked to perform the track on Top of the Pops, performing on it on 31 January 1997.
On 18 May 1997, the band performed "Nancy Boy" and "Teenage Angst" on Jools Holland.
Placebo had originally charted at number forty in the UK Albums Chart upon release, but, with the success of "Nancy Boy", the album then re-entered the charts in February at number five, and went gold in May.

Track listings:

"Nancy Boy" (radio edit) - 3:18
"Slackerbitch" - 3:25
"Bigmouth Strikes Again" - 3:56
"Hug Bubble" (Brad Wood mix) - 6:18

"Nancy Boy" (Sex mix) - 3:32
"Eyesight to the Blind" - 3:00
"Swallow" (Desiner/U-Sheen mix) - 5:59
"Miss Moneypenny" - 2:50

"Nancy Boy" (Sex mix) - 3:32
"Slackerbitch" - 3:25

Nancy Boy is also a nickname/slur for effeminate homosexual men and the name of an early 1990s band led by Donovan Leitch

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