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Placebo - Live in Madrid - Concert review by Rina Chetrit - Palacio de Deportes 30/07/2014 - Spain

Placebo – Live in Madrid

Palacio De Los Deportes 30/07/2014
by Rina Chetrit, Israel 
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From where shall I begin...? Well, it will be from December 2013.
I'll explain why soon.
 After I was at Ziggo Dome Amsterdam (08/12/2013) and at Bercy – Paris (10/12/2013) I told to myself, I must see Placebo live again and soon.
When the time passed, and I saw that Placebo don't add a concert in Tel Aviv, I understood that the odds to have it are so small.
On February 2014, Rachel (my dear soulmate) and me, started to plan our summer trip. When the time got closer, I told "behind the scenes" to my dear Susanne (Placebo Anyway) about our plans, and she told me that she will be there as well with Rosa from Barcelona.
I was looking forward for us to meet!!
Until the upcoming day had arrived, my patience was at its edge.
I must mention where I'm from. Having this summer trip while in Israel there's a war, for us it's not "a picnic". According to the genial anthem song *Too Many Friends* I've realized all over again who supports Israel and the life. And in parallel the ones who do and do not flatter for enjoying my trip. I came to the concert emotionally loaded. For sure that added a very special level for this amazing experience.
When I booked hotels on December 2013, I adopted the brilliant idea of dwelling so close to the venues. So when Madrid's turn came, I saw Convención hotel really near to the venue, there was no other option for us. I even started to imagine… maybe Placebo will be staying there as well. I would like to say, that it's a possibility, cos they returned to Madrid after the festival in Barcelona. And yet, something tiny happened… LAthe amazing supporting act was staying there, and suddenly the (Keanu Reeves) drummer got up the stairs of the lobby, and we thanked him about the great show, he asked us: "Did you enjoy it? It was great?" We said: "yes" and smiled to us. So… this was a small taste of a fantasy. If only I could meet Brian and thank him for this healing music, shake hands and smile to each other. I really don't need a photo and a signature (these are extras). Shall I continue dreaming? Sad tears here…
THE Scene of the Crime is about to begin!! lol
When the gates opened, I run like a lunatic down the stairs and towards the pista zone.
I stood between Brian and Stef and at the 7th row. After the amazing warm up from LA band ended, and when Brian entered to the stage… all the crowd rotated facing him, and I found myself at the 5th row and a bit to the left closer to Brian… gravity, no escaping gravity… lol and after several songs, Brian introduces Stef to the crowd and gave him attention, so that we will do the same.

I will mention some highlights; I truly can't analyze each song… cos at Placebo concerts, when the 1st song begins and the 2nd one comes, the accords don't stop.
It's like one very long sequence song (up until the encore part of course).

Let's start with the venue itself. The space has become smaller, cos around 5,000 fans came. So… the other zones were covered with black fabrics. It felt like an intimate place. This gave Placebo and mostly Brian feel like he delivers the concert at our huge living room.
At the beginning, I've tried… oh God, I've tried to take photos… after 3, I've decided to put my camera in my purse and fully enjoy the concert. And I've got the most precious souvenir from this experience. Brian looked at me twice and Stef once.
This happens when you're fully focused at the target and retain eye contact, when the other side feels you gave him a direct fully attention, his reaction back to you comes automatically and naturally.
Because of this intimate place, Brian felt so comfortable and let himself to be 100% free – musically, vocally, emotionally, sensually, physically and so communicative with the crowd. There was an amazing dynamic between Placebo and the group of meds believers ;) Brian jumped high, was so energetic, so erotic my God!! "just" to mention here *Too Many Friends* comparing to Bercy and Ziggo… there he was sad while here he was like a warrior, he expressed his feeling without barriers. Back then I've cried during this song, while now I was a fighter, joining Brian's war about this sensitive issue. During *Meds* such a divine melancholic version, Brian at some moments stared at the crowd, with very long glances to the right, left, center and all over again. This with his special way of "stretching" the song, like with sexual intercourse… We together don't want that "the coming" will arrive soon, so we "delay" it for a bit later… lol
Stef was in charge of the "dancing" side of the crowd. So nobly directed with his beautiful long arms clapping with many forms, and the crowd joined him like one loud loving unit.
During *The Bitter End* Brian was literally came to the peak of pleasure. While playing that "poor" guitar… lol I definitely needed a cigarette at that very moment… ;)
Some orgasmic Brian's habits… Flamingo stance, The pinkie touching gently the hair, Wide open arms ready for a masses hugging, Long and deep stares to the crowd, Tapping on the guitar, Shoot me alive act… pointing on the forehead, oh God!! That folded finger… Y'Know… lol. That asking for answers facing the skies stance. That narrow opened mouth and having a moment of meditation while suddenly opened the eyes and looking above. Brian's tuning the pedals, Brian laying on the floor and playing the guitar.  SOMEONE CALL THE AMBULANCE!! ROFL 
The major part of the concert ended, and this amazing crowd was clapping and was loud-load of love cheering Placebo to come back to the stage, and they returned fast!!

I would like to say that the dynamic connection between Brian and Stef is better; it's logic cos they're closer geographically on stage of this small venue. And still… It's not like back then. For instance: at my very 1st Placebo concert, here in Tel Aviv (June 2010)… they were emotionally and physically so close, nearly like two divine swans on stage having a full satisfaction of each other. While at this tour… sadly, it's not that much… and I miss this part a lot.

 *Infra-Red* part came!! I couldn't grasp how this concert came to its end that fast!!
This last song was so long, nearly 8 minutes!! Towards the end of the song, Sunshine Steve came to the front line of the stage, and throws his drums sticks to the crowd.
For sure, he's as well felt amazing from this night. And something new happened for the 1st time at this long tour!! Steve went down to the crowd level, and let the crowd touch him… "damn!!" lucky "bustards"!! lol It was amazing to see him that close!!
The concert ended, all six came to the front line of the stage, clap to the crowd simultaneously with us for a very long time. It seems that Placebo couldn't leave the place that easily. Brian with his traditional pedals guitars off tuning while he went down on he knees… he rose up, and went out to the inner left side of stage while having his last accord on the guitar and waving us goodbye.

We were so amazed and so sad that this orgasmic experience ended.
Outside, at last we met Susanne and Rosa!! It was exciting moments for me!!
What a huge night with gallons of emotions!!

Thank you Placebo for your healing music and mostly for existing intensely in my life during these 19 years!!

1)      B3
2)      For What It's Worth
3)      Loud Like Love
4)      Allergic (to Thoughts of Mother Earth)
5)      Every You Every Me
6)      Scene of the Crime
7)      A Million Little Pieces
8)      Rob the Bank
9)      Too Many Friends
10)  Space Monkey
11)  One of a Kind
12)  Exit Wounds
13)  Meds
14)  Song to Say Goodbye
15)  Special K
16)  The Bitter End

17)  Begin the End
18)  Running Up That Hill
19)  Post Blue
20)  Infra-red

Placebo – Live in Madrid

Palacio De Los Deportes 30/07/2014
by Rina Chetrit, Israel 
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