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Interview with Eddy Temple Morris. A friend of Brian Molko by Anastashia Loginova 1nd part

Photo: Eddy Temple Morris SND

The most special one by the long way was the 20 anniversary gig last year at Wembley stadium. I think that when Placebo started, they were so exciting at that time and there was a real chemistry that was going on between those sweet guys. And I think that…

They got Steve and then things over time deteriorated. I think the chemistry between them all deteriorated, between them and Steve. Basically when they got the new drummer that was a muscular one, a heavy-metal drummer, I feel, from my point of view: Placebo lost their way, I think, musically at that moment. Because I saw he's a lovely guy and a really good drummer but I feel like he was the wrong drummer for them. And there was too much muscularity going on behind the kit. Placebo is not a heavy-metal band. They have influences' from punk and indie, David Bowie, T. Rex, all that really stuff. I feel they came across a bit like a metal band. I saw the gig they did, it was an iTunes gig. I was there and I thought 'No, this is not a Placebo I know.

Interview with Eddz Temple-Morris about Placebo by Anastasiya Loginova

Eddy Temple-Morris, a friend of Brian Molko and Placebo, took part in the project and told us about his first meeting with the band, how he played after Placebo concert at Wembley, a recording of a song for the Losers with Brian Molko and etc. It is the first part of the interview. Eddy, thank you very much for finding the time for this conversation!

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