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The band and the audience were in an amazing mood - Zeltfestival Ruhr , Bochum, Germany 18/08/2017 @Placebo

Concert review Zeltfestival Ruhr , Bochum, Germany 18/08/2017 @Placebo

By Mona - Placebo Anyway Team Member

Photo Credit - Angela Chan IG ( Placebo member )

It was an unforgettable evening after a long waiting outside to be in the front row. 
Unfortunately the weather was not so well all the time. 
But I met wonderful Soulmates during the queuing. 
The band and the audience were in an amazing mood. And there were funny moments. 
Jesus' Son sounded a bit strange and Brian had to stop to check the guitar. But it was not the instrument's mistake...

Photo: Mona 

We got a cute "Entschuldigung" in German. During Song To Say Goodbye, Brian went dreamingly away from the mic and had to sprint back for the "my oh my". 
His face in this moment was great! 
He also forgot to make the little "Welcome to our birthday party"- speech. 
He startet For What it's Worth and made during the song a gesture towards his band mates. 

Photo: Mona 

The speech came two songs later. He gave special greetings to some Soulmates in the front. 

When Stef was playing his wonderful rainbow bass, a girl next to me waved a rainbow flag. All in all it was a great gig and I hope it wasn't my last one.

Photo: Mona 

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