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Stefan Olsdal Interview - Milan, Italy 2017

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Stefan Olsdal Interview - Milan, Italy 2017

by Luca Dondoni  for lastampa.it by 

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Stefan Olsdal: "Among all the living dead with cell phone we are the survivors of the rock"
The co-founder of the band, told Placebo, 16 in Barolo for Collisions

Beware of collisions 2017, where on Sunday 16 came the Placebo, the British band that has marked the last two decades of the most glam and pop rock. We spoke with Stefan Olsdal, the Swedish bass player with singer Brian Molko in 1994 founded the group.

Have you ever imagined that Placebo were coming to celebrate twenty years of career, as you do with this tour?

"And who she expected it. We were convinced that we would have ended long before the age of 20. Not only as a band, just like humans. There were mornings when the success we broke in my hand, I woke up surprised to be alive. "

Your show is a "greatest hits." You have also published "A Place for Us to Dream", which contains the strongest pieces.

"Yes, but there is also the ep Life's What You Make it with five new songs. There, we just had fun. " 

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Was it funny doing the remake of Talk Talk piece that gives the title to the disc?

"That's right, those years, the end of the eighties, were key to us. That music is great and alive even now. The video that we did was an idea of ​​Brian, but unfortunately we could not film it in person, there has been a crew. "

And why?

"It's shot in Ghana, a place where good part ends of broken computers worldwide. A sort of dump reserved for PC. There are children who can not even walk yet and already working to removal of screens, keyboards and hard drives. For them, life is not "the one you are building", as he wants the lyrics. Rather. With a kind of retaliation are dismantling and reusing what has been the life of many of us. A strong metaphor. "

When you hear about the Placebo Italians with more than thirty years you can think your participation in the 2001 Brian Sanremo Festival at the end of the song smashed the guitar on stage. A shock to the Italian public.

"How do you forget? Police chased us up at the hotel and we had to barricade ourselves in the room. A surreal situation; I still remember the face of - what was it called? - ah yes, Raffaella Carrà. There is still? His expression terrified. We had played the night before in Canada, we were victims of jet-lag, angry blacks, even a little 'facts, I admit ... And things went the way they did. " 

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Yes Ms. Carra is still alive and now - just to put a good conscience - the breaking of the guitar on stage would probably be seen only as a moment of the show.

"Fantastic! Then it would be a good opportunity to return. Maybe, as the celebration of the twenty years of career will go on for a while ', we could return to the Festival next February. What do you think?".

They would welcome with open arms. Placebo reborn, matured, a beautiful discovery.

"True, we are finally matured. I know when I see little kids, but also many adults, who spend their days watching the screens of their phones. In America they call them mombies, mobile-zombies, the living dead of the smartphone. I do not understand them. Today, after the concerts we prefer to go running in the countryside or enjoy nature. "

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